Cat Person Director Susanna Fogel Talks About Presenting the Grey Area of Modern Dating on Screen in This Interview

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When the short story Cat Person by Kristen Roupenian was published in The New Yorker in 2017, it immediately went viral with readers resonating with the way modern day dating can quickly turn toxic. It’s a compelling place for director Susanna Fogel to build from with her adaptation of the short story, scripted by Michelle Ashford.

Here, Cat Person follows Emilia Jones’ Margot, a ticket person at a cinema in America. She awkwardly encounters Robert, played by Nicholas Braun, and eventually the two start dating. He tells her that he owns cats, and outwardly seems like a pleasant individual, but as the relationship continues and Margot visits his house, she realises: there are no cats.

Meanwhile, Margot’s friend Taylor, played by Geraldine Viswanathan, is ringing verbal alarm bells over Robert. Is he the man he actually appears to be? Or, is there something nefarious at play?

This tension builds to a masterfully staged sex scene between Margot and Robert which presents the action of consent playing out.

In the following interview with Susanna Fogel, she talks about the grey area of tension that exists within Cat Person, as well as the journey of adapting the text to the screen.

Cat Person launches in Australian cinemas on November 23.

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