Noongar Wongi Rappers Inkabee and Flewnt MC Talk About Creating Hip Hop With Family in This Interview

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Emerging Noongar Wongi rapper Ethan Eggington, also known as Inkabee, who recently released his debut single and music video Beat the Odds, and his father Joshua Egginton, aka award-winning Noongar Wongi rapper Flewnt MC, talk about the relationship they have working with each other in this interview, including how Inkabee was inspired by Flewnt growing up, and the work of Kwinana Beats, a youth music program facilitated by hip hop artist Rush Wepiha.

Beat the Odds is out on all streaming platforms now and was recorded at The Kwinana Beats studio. Make sure to check it out and follow Inkabee and Flewnt on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and other music platforms.

Check out the music video for Beat the Odds here:

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