Sutaffu Music Group and Top Knot Detective presents: Top Knot Detective: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

For the past week I’ve been vibing on one of the coolest, more unexpected arrivals on the film landscape right now:

The truly excellent, beyond entertaining, Aussie film Top Knot Detective original soundtrack has been released. This genre-mashup comedy is a wonderful ode to the shows that screened on late night TV, samurai films, and genre cinema as a whole, and this soundtrack has filled my head with all manner of imagery and delights.

With 45 songs that range from surfer rock, western-movie score, hyper-neon pop, TV show themes, considered classical Japanese music, and almost everything between, the Top Knot Detective original soundtrack is an absolute joy to listen to.

Given Australian films and TV original scores and soundtracks are so rarely shared, it’s a blessing to have this come into existence, and as you’ll see with the press release below, there’s a massive amount of talent behind this release, making this not only a killer soundtrack to listen to, but also an essential piece of Aussie music history (seriously, check out that list of names).

I’ve particularly loved digging into the rampant guitar riffs that take you on a transcendental journey, with the tracks by Jimi Kazaro being especially delicious treats to lose yourself with. Prior to sinking into the Top Knot Detective OST, I’d been sliding through the scores of Fabio Frizzi and Goblin, and there’s more than a faithful homage to that style of long, wild score here.

All of this makes me want to re-watch Top Knot Detective again, all the while reminding readers to check the film out if they haven’t already. If this isn’t enough of a push, here’s a polite reminder that this excellent film featured in my Best Australian Films of the Decade list.

While the Top Knot Detective original soundtrack is only available online, I’ll be praying to whatever deity I need to pray to that it gets turned into a vinyl release down the line. I’m itching to listen to this on a great home set up, pops and crackles and the warmth that only vinyl can bring, all the while downing a icy cold Sutaffu beer.

Check out the press release below, and make sure to add this to your streaming music library.

Sutaffu Music Group and Top Knot Detective presents:


Nearly 30 years on from the Australian release of legendary cult samurai TV series Ronin Surei Tantai, known as Top Knot Detective in Australia, Sutaffu Music Group presents the release of the film’s original soundtrack in an INCREDIBLE 2-disc** collection. Featuring the original score by legendary Japanese supergroup Jima Kazaro, Tokyo garage rock three piece The Fadeaways, as well as many additional bonus tracks including Takashi Takamoto’s garage pop debut: Pay Me To Love You, the sentai smash hit TV show: Timestryker, and the breakout single You Got Me!from iconic J-pop trio: Shlam!

With the assistance of Western Australian music producers Malcolm Clark (Yo-Yo Studio’s, The Sleepy Jackson), Lance Robinson (Pavement Music Studios) and Mason Vellios (MV Studios), the original music from this cult 90’s show has been digitally remastered from the 14 inch tapes, thought all but lost to history due to an unfortunate warehouse fire. The surviving cues have been lovingly restored, remastered, and in some cases re-recorded entirely with the help of some incredible Australian and Japanese talent: Dario Russo (Danger 5), Ben Witt (The Chemist), Toyozo (The Fadeaways), Tayo Snowball (The Weapon Is Sound), Steve Hensby, Michael Nutt and Jamie Turner (The High Learys), Christian RuggeroJamie Phillip Canny, (Koi Child), and Jerico Wallace, Bridget Turner & Alwyn Nixon Lloyd (Boys! Boys! Boys!).

This collection is only possible with the expressed permission and help of Sutaffu Music Group, who went above and beyond to dig through their vaults for the original jingles to some of their most iconic product lines. Lawyers for Sutaffu’s corporate office in Tokyo requested we add the following statement:

“While it sparks so much joy for us  to see the release and subsequent Australian sales of yet another fine Sutaffu Product, Sutaffu are disappointed with the way Sutaffu, the Sutaffu brand, and it’s current and former CEO’s have been portrayed in the documentary film of the same name as our successful 90’s television franchise ‘Top Knot Detective’ and it’s biased misrepresentation of disgraced director: Takashi Takamoto. Sutaffu refutes any and all accusations pertaining to the murder and disappearance of Moritaro Kioke. Any and all suggestions of underworld dealings, both historical or current. Any and all accusations of sexual misconduct on behalf of former employees. In an age where fake news is at an all-time high, it is extremely disappointing to see the Australian filmmakers try and profit from purposeful distortions of the truth for the sake of entertainment. We hope you enjoy this fine product from Sutaffu Music Group. The Best Music.”

Top Knot Detective: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available Friday the 8th of May, 2020
on from Bandcamp, Youtube Music, and Coming Soon on iTunes, Spotify and many more.

Top Knot Detective, the movie, is available via Umbrella Entertainment (Aus), 
and available on Blu-ray/DVD via Third Window (UK)

**May or may not contain actual discs

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