Pet Sematary Review

As a vet nurse, I saw more than enough pet related tragedy for a lifetime. I wrote about the five things I learned as a vet nurse a while ago, and the third point still rings true. I can still remember the day...

Serenity Review

Ok, so, Matthew McConaughey is Baker Dill, a sweat drenched, eternally five-o’clock-shadowed tanned man of the ocean. In what initially appears to be the strangest adaptation of Moby Dick, Baker Dill is a dude...

Everest Review

There is an old Gary Larson Far Side cartoon which has two people standing beside a massive ditch. They have climbing gear on and ready to tackle the ditch. The line at the bottom was ‘because it’s not there’. I was quite young when I read this and didn’t entirely get it at the time. What wasn’t there that made these climbers want to go down a huge ditch?