Talk to Me About the Upcoming Fantasia International Film Festival

Fantasia International Film Festival is entering its twenty-seventh year and is one of the most important genre festivals in the world. This year sees a variety of excellent new films and a retrospective of South Korean and Japanese cinema. 

Fantasia is committed to representing films from all over the globe and provides platforms for emerging and established filmmakers who excel within the field.

This year some of the highlights include WHERE THE DEVIL ROAMS a new film by the Adams family who directed such devilish delights as HELLBENDER and THE DEEPER YOU DIG. Cult auteurs who never miss, a new film by the Adams family is a wondrous treasure.

Jennifer Reeder is a singular voice in horror and the uncanny. Her genre defying KNIVES AND SKIN was an excursion deep into the teen psyche. Fantasia will be showing her rich and strange feature feminist horror PERPETRATOR starring Alicia Silverstone.

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL features a particularly unhinged Nicolas Cage (and that’s saying something!) controlling Joel Kinnaman in a warped COLLATERAL spin from director Yuval Adler, nothing is as it seems in this intense crime story.

Lycanthropy and teen sexuality should always go hand in hand, and in Jacqueline Castel’s MY ANIMAL Bobbie Salvör Menuez and Amandla Stenberg give the werewolf genre the delicious queer lens it deserves. A wonderful Canadian debut that also features genre icon Stephen McHattie.

TALK TO ME by Australian directors collectively known as RackaRacka has taken the world by storm. The first Australian film to be picked up by boutique distribution label A24, TALK TO ME features teens “huffing” on a cursed hand for supernatural thrills. What happens when the world of the living and the dead collide in the suburbs? Featuring Sophie Wilde, the film is deserving of every accolade it has garnered so far.

Australian directors are having a moment in horror. Siblings Colin and Cameron Cairnes direct David Dastmalchian in a found footage inspired creeper that revolves around a late night show in the late 1970s which unleashes a terrible evil into the homes of unsuspecting viewers. Fans of GHOST WATCH will get a kick out of this often hilarious and deeply spooky film.

Nadine Whitney

Nadine Whitney holds qualifications in cinema, literature, cultural studies, education and design. When not writing about film, art or books, she can be found napping and missing her cat.

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