The Back Side of Television Explores the Some of TVs Most Outrageous Moments on SBS Viceland

The brand-new three-part comedy series The Back Side of Television explores the outrageous and ridiculous moments you might have missed

Starts Monday 15 November at 9:20pm on SBS VICELAND

It’s time to explore a side of Australian television you’ve never seen before… The Back Side of Television. In the brand-new three-part comedy series, host Mitch McTaggart casts a cynical eye over the weird and wonderful one-liners, one-offs, and one-hit wonders that (for better or worse) are unforgettable. But while some moments have become legend, others have slipped through the cracks. How closely were you looking? Take a deep dive into the archive of the good, the bad, and the what on earth?! Mondays from 15 November at 9:20pm on SBS VICELAND.

Following the 2020 special The Last Year of Television, which summarises the continual rolling coverage of the year that was, Mitch returns once again to look at how information is presented and represented on the small screen. Except this time, nothing is off limits. From the 1950s to the present day, this clever compilation of TV conundrums looks at the ridiculous, depressing, and outright shameful moments in the wild history of Aussie TV. Find out how those ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moments happened, why they happened, and what happened after.

This hilarious journey through Australian television explores everything from fact to fiction. What are conspiracy theories and how they have evolved on TV? Which network has a bizarre obsession with Peter Falconio? What happened when a petty criminal broke out of jail – and what did he do to get on TV? Where are all the LGBTQI+ people? How often do networks rip off each other’s ideas? Cop shows, psychic shows, game shows, soaps, whiteness in drama, the news – the list goes on!

This anti- clip show is a cutting-edge, refreshing take on the content we create, consume, and the cycle that inevitably repeats itself.

The Back Side of Television airs Mondays from 15 November at 9:20pm on SBS VICELAND and SBS On Demand.

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