Trained to See Director Luzia Schmid Talks About Reviving the Lost Stories of Women Journalists in This Interview

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On this episode, Andrew chats with director Luzia Schmid about her stunning documentary Trained to See, which is screening at the Castlemaine Documentary Film Festival. It will launch at the in person screening on June 17, with online sessions available to everyone in Australia afterwards.

Trained to See tells the story of three American women journalists – Martha Gellhorn, Lee Miller, and Margaret Bourke-White – who each documented the Second World War in a fearless manner, putting themselves on the front line to capture their stories. Throughout Trained to See, we hear their stories from correspondence and journals that they kept during the period, and ultimately get to see the difficulties they faced as the power of misogyny arose during the war. This is both a powerful and engaging film, and is one of the finest archival documentaries of the year.

As mentioned, Trained to See is available to watch for Australian audiences via, alongside other great films including the brilliant football-focused documentary Equal the Contest, directed by Mitch Nivalis, and tells about their journey to push for equality in Aussie football. Other films available to watch online are Watandar My Countryman, The Thief Collector, Into the Ice, Weed & Wine, and Young Plato.

For more information about the Castlemaine Documentary Film Festival, read interviews with Mitch Nivalis and Festival Director Claire Jager, and read Nadine’s review of Trained to See here.

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